Time to renovate the kitchen of the business

Time to renovate the kitchen of the business The year continues to advance and we are already in the middle, so we must stop for a moment and think what we have learned so far and what are the fruits we have achieved so far, because if your goal at the beginning of the year […]

Virtual Kitchens

Virtual Kitchens – Starting a Restaurant Business models continue to revolutionize every day, and restaurant spaces are sometimes not large enough to meet the current demand, so the very concept of restaurant and kitchen has revolutionized and changed drastically, which is the reason why virtual kitchens appeared. These new kitchens have proven to be profitable […]

What size is kitchen drain pipe

What is the smallest size of a drain line for your kitchen sink? A kitchen sinks have a standard drain size, what they refer to is that all sinks that are manufactured are joined to the same basic measurements which are related to the drainage. For a better function the characteristics should be standardized since […]

5 kitchen types

Types of kitchen 5 types of cuisine that stand out around the world: Let’s get to know a little bit about gastronomy and the main qualities that stand out in the types of cuisine around the world! According to the experts (and to us) the great cuisines and types of gastronomy around the world go […]

Ghost kitchen 2022 Trend

How do they work and what´s a Ghost Kitchen? 2022 has been full of surprises, trending and new forms of business continue to appear every day, and one of the businesses that has undoubtedly expanded the most so far is the kitchen. Due to the closing of many businesses because of the pandemic, new forms […]

How many types of cuisine are there

Are you a fan of gastronomy? Many of us are and it is understandable to feel a vibrant passion for it, and just as every time we learn new recipes and expand our horizons, it is also necessary to expand our cuisine and for that we come to show you on this occasion about the […]

Kitchen Project

Kitchen Project – Design Thinking – Process book How can Kitchen Design & Remodeling help you with your kitchen renovation project? This is the first question we ask ourselves every time we enter a website of this nature and it is understandable since everyone is in search of solutions, budgets, ideas or a reliable company […]

Ways to finance improvements and remodeling in your home

In recent years you have probably spent more time in your home than you used to, this is part of the new reality, although it is not necessarily a bad thing; because our eyes have fallen on places in the home that we had somewhat abandoned and now it is very likely that you are […]

kitchen remodels – yes or no

What should and shouldn’t you do when remodeling the kitchen? Home remodeling, either interior or exterior are always a great satisfaction; it is simply lovely to see how the spaces are developed or how they adapt to new trends, which is quite simple if you have the necessary help and advice we offer in Kitchen […]

How much does a commercial kitchen cost?

Everything will depend on the complexity of the work, the more complicated it is, the more expensive it will be. Not only hotels and restaurants require commercial kitchens, but also other types of businesses such as bakeries, catering, day care centers, nursing homes, among others. Easily equipping a commercial kitchen can take from $500,000 to […]